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Meet The Team

Hailey Mahoney

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Original Digs began in June 2014. My passion for design, the mixing and matching of fabrics, and color evolved from growing up in my father's textile/manufacturing business. My dog Capri (who goes everywhere with me) needed a bed for my car, office, and home, so I started searching local and online pet stores for attractive beds. Annoyed at the lack of quality, style, and durability the pet bed market had to offer, I was intent on fixing this issue. The pet beds I found were overpriced and had zero quality. Having been exposed to "Made in America" through my families business I knew that I could do much better, so I set out to create a trendsetting pet bed collection that satisfies both pets and their owners. After sourcing American-made materials, I went to work in my father's manufacturing shop. It took me a year and some change to blend my love for color, textiles, and style. Once the appearance I had envisioned was achieved, I knew Original Digs pet beds needed to get onto the radar of consumers. The high-quality pet bed collection I designed is durable, functional, and stylish. It's made in America and has a great price point. Competitor brands do not compare. Original Digs is driven by my passion for pets, love for design, and a deep dedication to quality products made in America.


Capri is the inspiration for Original Digs, and the reason why the company was created.

     Original Digs believes that pets make a family complete. For fifty years, our family has been blessed with its furry companions. They have been there during pregnancies, laid alongside babies to keep warm, carried rings down the aisle to be presented to the new bride and groom, and licked away tears of joy and sadness.

  Whether we are at home in the country, our city apartment, or even our factory, our environments have been set up to accommodate our dogs and us. Growing up in a family that loves pets, places, and fun spaces, this company was destined to happen.

    Original Digs offers fashion forward pet beds that are fun, funky, fresh, & functional. They were designed to unify tones and textures throughout the home, and to reflect one's unique space that your dog or cat co-dwells in with you. We pride ourselves on being unique and affordable. Why wouldn't you want your pet to have stylish & comfy digs? (All of our beds transform into marvelous floor cushions as well).

   Our factory is located in Dallas, TX; we are an American made, family owned and operated company.

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